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Enigmas of the ocean

Speckled with white spots and stripes in patterns as unique as a fingerprint, these colossal creatures are the largest – and one of the most...


Island treasure

The famous pines, trees of majestic height, tower over groups of cattle resting peacefully in the green-gold haze of early afternoon. Patches of...


Heroines of Olympus

In a retelling of the great Greek myths, the heroines of the traditional narratives finally get to take centre stage as 50 legendary female icons...



A successful food writer, 32-year-old Nina feels like her life is falling apart. Her thirties have not been the liberating, straightforward...


365 Days of Art in Nature

With a creative exercise for each day of the year, 365 Days of Art in Nature invites us to take a closer look at the natural world around us....

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The Godmothers

A novel which will take you from Australia to Scotland, Ireland, and England, The Godmothers is the story of Eliza Miller, who was raised by her...


Ancient wisdoms and boundless horizons

When Parwana opened its doors in Adelaide in 2009, the Ayubi family’s vision was to share their heritage and memories through the delights of...


Song of the Crocodile

Nardi Simpson is a Yuwaalaraay writer, musician, composer and educator from North West NSW freshwater plains. Nardi’s debut novel, Song of the...


The White Coat Diaries

The debut novel from physician Madi Sinha, The White Coat Diaries follows the brilliant medical resident Norah Kapadia as she strives to balance...


Sam Bloom: Heartache & Birdsong

This remarkable book is a follow-up to best-selling Penguin Bloom, a story of how an injured baby magpie brought hope and healing to a family...


Readers Circle Reviews

The only thing better than turning the pages of inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining books is getting together with friends to share your thoughts on each story. Join our Readers Circle and share how you feel about this collection of literary delights.