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Go forth and flourish

Veritable green thumbs, Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan are the creators of thriving plant delivery service Leaf...

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In My Past Life I Was Cleopatra

In this memoir, critique, and guide, Amal Awad candidly shares her personal journey through religion, self-help, healing, and scepticism. From...


When the Apricots Bloom

In this novel inspired by the author’s real-life experiences, issues of trust, friendship and motherhood are explored in all their...


Heroes Next Door

While travelling Australia raising awareness and funds for cancer research, brother and sister Sam and Hilde listened as communities around the...


The Women and the Girls

In 1970s Sydney, an era of ABBA concerts and the Holden Kingswood, three lonely women form an unlikely friendship. Libby, Carol, and Anna come...


Homegrown goodness

The flavour of Australia is complex; it’s zesty, earthy, salty, tart, and a little bit sweet. Just like the bountiful foods it has provided for...

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A vice of virtue

There is a humble wisdom in the art of sloth.


The gifts of reading

Sisonke Msimang, South African writer and political analyst, shows us how books have the power to land in people’s hearts, and change them for...


Enigmas of the ocean

Speckled with white spots and stripes in patterns as unique as a fingerprint, these colossal creatures are the largest – and one of the most...


Island treasure

The famous pines, trees of majestic height, tower over groups of cattle resting peacefully in the green-gold haze of early afternoon. Patches of...


Heroines of Olympus

In a retelling of the great Greek myths, the heroines of the traditional narratives finally get to take centre stage as 50 legendary female icons...


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The only thing better than turning the pages of inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining books is getting together with friends to share your thoughts on each story. Join our Readers Circle and share how you feel about this collection of literary delights.