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White Wine in the Sun

Three Chardonnays perfect for an autumn afternoon.

Whether you’re enjoying the setting sun with a chilled glass in hand or complementing a robust meal, chardonnay is the white varietal for all occasions. While we might have once scoured the bottle shop for chardonnays produced in Burgundy or Chablis, both well regarded as Meccas for the varietal, local vineyards are producing such spectacular and thoughtful chardonnays it’s worth exploring our own backyard first. The following three wines are perfect examples of thoughtful winemaking techniques and site choice that will blow the minds of both chardonnay purists and those tempted to try the drop again.

Nocturne Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2017
Grown on the single vineyard site in Margaret River, the fabulous combination of two chardonnay clones Gin Gin and 277 has created a voluptuous wine with a beautiful fruit drive and natural acid that keeps it vibrant and refreshing. The wine exhibits the trademark ‘struck match’, white peach and nougat aromas with a long and fine palate with hints of citrus, marzipan and a fresh minerality. Drink chilled on a hot summer’s evening and appreciate the many layers of this thoughtful wine.

Stella Bella 2017 Luminosa Chardonnay
Cleaning up across the nation, this multi-award-winning chardonnay is a wonderful expression of its single vineyard site. Feminine, elegant and subtle, yet full of flavour and lively on the palate. Pick up exotic aromas of seaspray, kaffir lime and pink grapefruit with delicate musk and caramel char. Pair with Asian food scattered with fresh herbs.

Pooley Cooinda Vale 2017 Single Vineyard Chardonnay
Grown on a third generation, environmentally sustainable Pooley single vineyard site in Southern Tasmania, this drop is powerful yet elegant with an incredible perfume thanks to the ancient riverbed site. Breathe in the aroma of vanilla, toast, hazelnut and white peach while the palate is long and complex thanks to the grapefruit acidity. The texture is creamy with a hit of citrus, cashew and spice. Drink this one on a special occasion.

Discover more about this delicious, robust varietal in Audrey Daybook – Issue 10, Take A Breath, where you will find recommendations on more varieties of Chardonnay, and advice on the best wines for your soothing autumn afternoons.

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