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Eco by Sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

This certified organic and vegan scrub is just the right amount of coarse.

As a self-proclaimed shower enthusiast (three times daily isn’t excessive, right?), as well as an avid self-tanner, I have resigned myself to the fact that my skin is dry, lacklustre and due to tanning mishaps, blotchy. My shower regime can be described as methodical; I’m about efficiency over luxury and I admit, I do not exfoliate enough. In addition, having recently returned from an overseas holiday with ample sun and chlorine exposure the texture of my skin had reached a new level of dehydration, (snakeskin, anyone?).

Tired of my almost-reptilian ways, I stumbled upon Eco by Sonya’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. And wasn’t she a sight to behold.

In a pearlescent, turquoise tube I was further lured in by the simplicity of the instructions. Place a generous amount onto your exfoliating glove, apply onto dry skin in circular motions, and wash off. As it is an all-natural salt-based scrub without chemically binding additives, its granulated formula separates slightly upon application. So it I opted to get scrubbing in the shower prior to turning on the water to contain any potential mess; what a shame it would be to waste a drop. The instructions clearly indicate this is a product to be used on dry skin only and I can attest why – any contact with moisture will melt the formula thus voiding the scrubbing power.

This certified organic and vegan scrub is just the right amount of coarse. I found the level of abrasiveness therapeutic, and due to its coconut base, the perfectly balanced blend deposits hydration while going the extra mile in distribution – and without that dang scratchy feeling. In the past I have used salt-based scrubs that do not spread and have left my skin more dehydrated than when I began. When washed off, the Eco by Sonya Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub leaves your skin with a deeply hydrated glow and skin so soft you’d have an identity crisis. I admittedly did.

Made with pink Himalayan salt, lemongrass, grapefruit, shea butter, coconut and macadamia oil, the scrub is undeniably scent-sational and now a firm fixture in my beauty cabinet. Aside from soft skin and a heavenly scent reminiscent of a tropical holiday, the ingredient matrix also works to target stretch marks, cellulite and dry, dull skin.

Is this the holy grail of beauty regalia? I think so.

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