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Fiercely Frida

Uncompromising and unapologetically herself, a glimpse into the life of artist and icon Frida Kahlo shows us that our...

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Real & Imagined

We speak to Clair Bremner, our incredible cover artist, and escape into the realms she renders based on the beauty of nature.


A taste of nostalgia

Food can be a window to our past, and a source of simple comfort.


A date with solitude

Set aside some time to nurture your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself.


Friendship favours the bold

When I embarked on a short online course last year, I expected to come away with new learnings. Instead, I found a new friend. As in, a proper...


Infinite Country

This heart-wrenching novel tells the story of an immigrant family who have left Colombia for the United States, in hopes of a better future for...


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Everything is Beautiful

Over a decade ago, Amy suffered a tragedy that changed her life forever. She copes by collecting beautiful objects, keepsakes to distract her...


The Kindest Lie

It’s 2008, and Barack Obama has just been elected as the next President of the United States. Ruth and Xavier, a successful black married...


From Where I Fell

An anguished Pamela, based in Sydney, accidentally sends a frustrated email meant for her ex-husband to the wrong address. It ends up in the...


Torn Zucchini Flower Pizza

Once you get the hang of making this pizza, which is sublimely pretty with the addition of torn zucchini flowers, you can add whatever toppings...


Lines of life

Many of us are familiar with the renowned adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. In the case of the emotive works of Octavia Tomyn, it...


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The only thing better than turning the pages of inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining books is getting together with friends to share your thoughts on each story. Join our Readers Circle and share how you feel about this collection of literary delights.