Ghosts | Mindful Puzzles


Author: Dolly Alderton
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
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A successful food writer, 32-year-old Nina feels like her life is falling apart. Her thirties have not been the liberating, straightforward experience she was expecting. After using dating apps for the first time, she is ghosted by a man she thought was most charming, her beloved dad is slowly disappearing into dementia, and it feels like her cherished friendships are fading away. In her debut novel, Dolly Alderton manages to address all-too-relatable struggles with relationships, family and time in such an endearing, relatable and witty way that Ghosts will leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face.

Reading room discussion: How does Nina cope with all the change in her life? When you have gone through stressful seasons in life, what do you find are helpful coping mechanisms?

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