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The Godmothers

Author: Monica McInerney
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
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A novel which will take you from Australia to Scotland, Ireland, and England, The Godmothers is the story of Eliza Miller, who was raised by her troubled young mother and two supportive godmothers. Just before her 18th birthday, a tragic event changes the course of her life. Years later, after living an overly cautious and lonely life, an enticing invitation from one of her godmothers arrives, and Eliza finds herself in the middle of a chaotic family in Edinburgh – flourishing. She is determined to uncover the biggest mystery of her life – who is her father? A story about love, lies, sorrow, and hope, The Godmothers is the kind of novel that feels like a heartfelt hug from a friend.

Reading room discussion: Being in Edinburgh was a wake-up call to Eliza to start living a fuller life. Can you recall a time you had an experience that inspired you to enrich your life?

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