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Thoughtful talk

Being kind and understanding to yourself is an act of bravery, igniting a powerful force that uplifts both your mind and body


Put your hands on your belly, take a deep breath, and listen. Really listen to that voice in your head. What does it say? Is it swirling in self-doubt and deprecating thoughts? Or does it radiate positivity, telling you that you can do anything? This internal dialogue, or our subconscious mind, is with us for life. It is always there, bursting with ideas and questions. It is the apex of all  creativity and determination. It helps drive us to our greatest  heights and achieve our wildest dreams. But sometimes our internal dialogue can turn towards the negative. If you’ve noticed that your mind is less cheerful than it used to be, now’s the time to start tracking the pattern of your self-talk.


Is it a one-time thought that passes quickly, or is it a constant flow of harmful language? Negative self-talk can range from blaming yourself for every mistake to always expecting things to turn out wrong, no matter what. This puts a lot of stress on your brain and body, leading to a variety of mental and physical issues.


While there is nothing wrong with having a healthy dose of self-criticism, practising positive self-talk can help improve a number of aspects in your life. You may question, ‘What is saying something nice about myself really going to do?’ Studies have found that practising positive self-talk can not only lead to a healthier mental state, but it can also improve the physical body, reducing pain, improving the immune system, and cardiovascular health.

There is a reason why athletes pump themselves up before a game or why we try to take a moment to centre ourselves, repeating a mantra in our head, before a big interview or performance.

So, unclench your shoulders, laugh a little, look at yourself in the mirror, and say something nice. Telling yourself that you can do anything really does help you feel like you can do just that, anything.

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